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Learn how Mastercard SecureCode® can help lower the risk of fraud

Simple, integrated online authentication for a better customer experience

Consumers love the convenience of online shopping. Unfortunately, the risk of fraud sometimes gives them a reason not to buy. Mastercard SecureCode addresses shoppers’ concerns about the security of online shopping while also helping to minimise eCommerce chargebacks to merchants.

SecureCode answers the need for payment guarantee and cardholder authentication by providing shoppers with a unique personal code for their transactions. And Mastercard SecureCode Plus enhances this solution by integrating data into your website, making authentication seamless for online shoppers.

How Mastercard SecureCode works

Like the familiar ATM authentication process, shoppers enter their SecureCode in an issuer-provided window before their online transaction can be authorised. In seconds, the issuer confirms it is the true cardholder performing the transaction. The participating merchant gets explicit evidence of an authorised purchase (authentication data) — all with minimal cost impact and time investment.

Get started

To become a SecureCode merchant:

  1. Contact your transaction processor to ensure it supports Mastercard SecureCode. If it does not, please send an email to and a Mastercard representative will contact you directly. 
  2. Load a SecureCode-compliant merchant plug-in application on your server, available from compliant vendors. Alternatively, you can contract with a hosted service to perform the authentication process for you. For a list of SecureCode-compliant vendors, visit SecureCode technology vendors.
  3. Conduct a simple test with Mastercard to help check that you’re ready to go.
  4. Add the Mastercard SecureCode program identifier to your Web site to let customers know you are working to secure their online shopping experience. Download artwork

Everything you need to know about implementing SecureCode®

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