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As digital payment methods continue to proliferate, Mastercard is committed to advancing the security and integrity of the payment ecosystem. Through our efforts, merchants benefit from an enhanced consumer experience and a more secure and reliable payment environment. Here are just a few solutions we offer.

Make payments safer through EMV chip technology

For 15 years, Mastercard has played a leading role in the creation, management and continued development of the EMV standard. We offer a unique set of EMV solutions — known as M/Chip™ — to help issuers and merchants implement new payment solutions quickly.


Consumers appreciate the convenience of online shopping. Unfortunately, it's the risk of fraud that sometimes gives them a reason not to buy. With Mastercard SecureCode, you can give your customers confidence.

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Grow business while managing fraud

Our GateKeeper 2.0 solution will reduce the costs of fraud to your business while ensuring that genuine customers are not rejected or frustrated. Our muti-layered approach detects fraud with pinpoint accuracy and is proven to increase sales revenues.

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