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Convenient and simple ways to pay — that's what consumers want. And by accepting and selling Mastercard prepaid cards, you'll not only give your customers that, but you'll open your business to an ever-widening population of prepaid cardholders — from gift-givers, travelers, corporate and public sector employees to those who don't have access to traditional banking services. Mastercard prepaid cards enable you to enter new market segments, create new customer relationships, generate more revenue, and, of course, grow your business.


Uninterrupted payment, uninterrupted customer service

Automatic Billing Updater seamlessly updates card-on-file account information and sends declines into decline. The result? Decreased operating costs and increased customer satisfaction. If you maintain card-on-file data for your customers' automatic recurring bill payments, you face the challenge of card payments that decline due to account changes that have not been communicated to you. Declines compromise revenue flow and are inconvenient to customers as well. When you take advantage of Automatic Billing Updater, you decrease operating costs and increase customer satisfaction. Contact your Mastercard representative for more information.

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