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Expand opportunity with prepaid cards

By accepting Mastercard prepaid cards, you'll not only give the people you serve a more convenient and secure way to pay, but you'll open your business to an ever-widening population.

Make it easier for donors to pay

Attract new donors. Streamline your operations. Now, do both at the same time. Considering the administrative costs associated with fundraising, meeting that challenge is never easy. But serving a worthy cause is an activity that deserves support. Mastercard acceptance can help you reach your goals by enabling your donors to give regularly and automatically, while reducing your costs and possibly increasing total donations. 

Mastercard acceptance offers some important benefits to nonprofit and philanthropic organisations including:

Faster Payment

With fewer payment problems and delays, card acceptance can mean your organisation receives donations more quickly.

Reduced Solicitations

Mastercard can help facilitate recurring donations from your contributors.

Increased Donations

The recurring payment option encourages contributors to think beyond a one-time donation and consider an ongoing commitment.

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