You serve the public. We serve you.

Mastercard solutions help governments reduce costs, gain efficiencies, curtail fraud and corruption, and advance social progress.

Our global payments platform provides a safe and convenient way for governments and other public entities to serve the payment needs of their citizens and for people and businesses to make payments to governments and public entities.

Reducing cost and driving efficiency

We help governments reduce costs by enabling them to deliver payments electronically and drive efficiency by helping them eliminate paper systems, impliment solutions, manage social payments, improve procurement and deploy better transit payment options.

Delivering social benefits

We provide governments with more efficient and secure ways to deliver social benefits.

Promoting financial inclusion

We offer products and programs that help governments to empower their underserved by promoting financial inclusion.

Combating corruption

We help minimise government reliance on cash and the corruption that dealing in cash creates.

Fighting fraud and minimising errors

We provide products and solutions that help governments reduce errors and fight fraud so they can more safely disburse payments.

Procurement solutions

Streamline the purchasing process by increasing discounts, improving cash flow, and increasing flexibility and control

Disbursement solutions

Maximise disbursement efficiency with innovative card solutions that simplify benefit payments for employees and recipients

Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth

Empowering people through inclusive economies