Mastercard® Smart Data

A set of tools to help you understand the intimate details of your business expenses so that you can better monitor costs and maximise efficiency.

A smart, web-based expense management application

Say goodbye to missing receipts and expense reporting guesswork. This robust, online expense management solution gives your company what you need to manage and control spending, generate comprehensive spending reports and accurately integrate purchase data into your accounting software. Delivering business intelligence quickly, easily and efficiently.

Simplified expense management

When you and/or your employees use a Mastercard business card, robust data about the purchase is captured and automatically combined with information about the card account. Detailed information is then available for your review and approval.

Flexible reporting

Smart Data works the way you need it to by providing customisable templates, advanced filtering options and standardised reports. Plus, you'll have the ability to create your own custom reports, schedule them to run at your convenience and export them seamlessly. Detailed reports and summaries provide useful data regarding your suppliers, taxes and more.

Controlled spending

Understanding exactly where your money is going is critical to managing your spending, which is why Smart Data gives you the power to monitor card purchases at individual merchants or by merchant categories.

Easy integration

Robust export capabilities allow custom files to be generated for integration with your accounting software. In addition, Microsoft® Excel® files can be generated for custom data analysis. And export flags mark downloaded transactions, which eliminates accounting duplication.