Mastercard In Control® for Business

Whether employees are buying ink or taking a client to dinner, Mastercard In Control for Business helps improves the transparency of purchasing. And better transparency gives your business increased expense control and cash flow management.

Customised control

Build a customised spending profile for each employee that specifies how, when and where an employee card can be used. For example, a maximum single purchase amount can be set, or transactions can be limited to specific merchant categories or to the total amount spent over a specific time period. Adjust the settings of spending profiles anytime, from anywhere and receive real-time alerts via email or text whenever spending goes beyond set limits.

Secure spending

Create limited-use virtual employee card numbers so employees can make secure purchases and payments online. This allows you to keep actual card details safe while delegating online purchasing to employees.

Contact the bank that issued your Mastercard commercial card to ask about adding In Control for Business to your account.

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