Mastercard® Central Travel Solution (CTS)

A way for corporations to pay for travel-related expenses from a single centralised account held by the Travel Management Company. The result is a convenient solution delivering consolidated, transparent and enhanced data to drive tighter control over travel budgets.

Common benefits of centralised payments:

Gain more control

Better spend control and adherence with travel policy through superior reporting.

Increase employee satisfaction

Improved employee support through the elimination of employee reimbursement and cash advances.

Improve cash flow management

Travel activity is typically consolidated and billed on a single monthly statement.

Enhance policy compliance

Many companies report an increase in compliance to corporate travel policy when using CTS, including better use of the designated Travel Management Company (TMC) and improved utilisation of preferred travel suppliers.

Save time

Our completely automated T&E expense reconciliation will help minimise the chance for mistakes and save time with tasks like reconciling reservations to charges.

Save money

Better control and transparency of travel expenses will enable you to save on your company's travel costs.

Easy expense tracking

With fewer corporate cards distributed to employees, tracking expenses is much easier for you and your employees.

How it works

How does Mastercard CTS work?

  1. Employees book travel through a centralised account held by your trusted travel management company.
  2. The financial information for each booked transaction flows from the standard clearing process into the Mastercard Global Data Repository.
  3. The information is matched to the enhanced data provided by the travel management company or other merchant.
  4. The transaction files are then delivered to the relevant expense reporting, general ledger or enterprise resource planning tool, while the issuer delivers the statement information.

Enhanced data

Mastercard CTS provides a seamless consolidation of enhanced transactional data, in addition to traditional financial information which helps obtain a complete view of travel expenditure. This empowers companies to make more informed business decisions, improve reconciliation, program compliance, accounting support and program management.

Advance reporting and analysis

Mastercard CTS utilises Mastercard Smart Data, an expense reporting and management platform. Pre-formatted travel data can be sent directly to your accounting system or Mastercard smartdata.gen2™, the web-based expense reporting analysis solution.