We’ve been making history for 50 years

Mastercard executives at the New York Stock Exchange on the day of Mastercard's initial public offering on May 25, 2006

Key milestones

A group of banks creates the Interbank Card Association (ICA).

ICA acquires the Master Charge name and interlocking circles trademark.

Master Charge becomes Mastercard.

Mastercard is the first payment card issued in the People’s Republic of China, the first to introduce a laser hologram on cards and the first Mastercard business card is launched.

Mastercard, in partnership with Europay International, launches Maestro®, the world’s first global online debit program.


The “Priceless” advertising campaign is launched.

Mastercard launches Mastercard Advisors, a global professional services organisation focused solely on payments.

Mastercard integrates with Europay International and becomes a private share corporation.

Mastercard transitions to a new corporate governance and ownership structure and begins trading on the New York Stock Exchange under ticker symbol MA.

Mastercard Europe and Europay France integrate operations.
Mastercard acquires Orbiscom.

Mastercard acquires Orbiscom, DataCash, the prepaid program management business of Travelex (Access Prepaid), Trevica and Truaxis.

Mastercard Labs is established, which serves as our incubator for new ideas.

Mastercard introduces Masterpass™; establishes HomeSend joint venture with eServGlobal and Bics; and acquires ElectraCard Services (ECS), Provus, C-SAM, Pinpoint, the Payment Gateway Services business of Transaction Network Services (TNS),  5One, and Applied Predictive Technologies (APT).

Mastercard introduces enhanced Masterpass™ and evolved brand identity and announces acquisition of Vocalink.

Mastercard announces acquisition of NuData Security and completes acquisition of Vocalink.